C*Markward Design

Daxor Medical Device

Daxor is a medical device start-up based out of New York. Their innovative (and lifesaving) device measures true blood volume, rather than the speculative (and often wrong) traditional method. The overarching issue for this client is, first and foremost, getting recognition in a crowded environment. They have to compete for the attention of decision-makers in large health care organizations. Within a limited amount of time (mostly through face-to-face dialog at conventions) they need to get across the mountains of data that support their device. But they need to do so in a clean, accessible way that engages, rather than discourages, their audience—which could range from administrators with limited scientific knowledge to doctors and scientists.

Since some pieces would be created by the client (such as presentations), I created a “quick and dirty” branding system that included guidelines for color usage, footer device, style of photography and infographic style.