C*Markward Design

Innovation and Alliance segment

I&A (Innovation and Alliance) is a patient education segment within Merck, dealing mainly with Patient Activation and Engagement, Shared Decision Making, Motivational Interviewing, etc.

The issue was that, despite having an overarching corporate brand, this segment wasn’t unified. Pieces looked drastically different from each other. My first goal was to align all pieces towards a common look and feel.

First, I interviewed the stakeholders to determine what is the product cycle. Unlike other pieces where there is a direct link from client to end user, in this particular environment, there are several gatekeepers. By understanding the needs of each one, I could create a system that was optimal for each.

Next, I created an unofficial style guide to help unify pieces that were coming in the pipeline. We needed a common language that was open enough for our main client contacts to be able to give their own input but specific enough for our internal team.